Couples are always looking to save money on their special day. Let’s face it, realistically you don’t want to go broke over one day!!! This is just the beginning of your new life together.

Here is a list of ways that will help any couple to save money, while still having their magical day:

  1. A smaller guest list: this translates to less invitations, lower catering costs, and a smaller floral budget
  2. Have your wedding on during off-peak season or on a Sunday
  3. Opt to have your ceremony and reception in the same spot
  4. Use flowers for your floral arrangements that are in season
  5. Skip the full bar and only offer beer and wine
  6. Serve finger foods rather than a main course
  7. Order a smaller cake and supplement with a sheet cake
  8. One page invites to save on postage
  9. One favor per couple
  10. Hire a DJ instead of a band

There are multiple ways to have an elegant and memorable event without breaking the bank. Your wedding day can still be a Sophisticated Affair!