Our Sophisticated Affairs team adores when our couples choose to do engagement photos. Of course, we love to see their pictures in South Carolina’s incredible parks, venues, and local attractions. But, it’s so much more than that.


South Carolina bride and groom to be posing for engagement photos

Engagement photo by Troy Photography


Here are 3 reasons you REALLY want to do engagement photos!


#1 – Decisions, Decisions

Selecting the perfect wedding photographer is no easy task. Even with our Sophisticated Affairs wedding team helping you narrow your choices, picking a photographer is very personal.

When it comes to picking your wedding photographer, it’s obviously about great photos and a package at the right price. However, it’s also about the connection and finding a photographer you are comfortable spending your wedding day with.

Investing in an engagement shoot with one (or two) of the photographers on your shortlist is a relatively inexpensive way to see how things click and whether you love the photos.


#2 – Shoot Me From My Good Side

If you are like most of the world, you probably think you have a good side in photos, a feature you don’t really like, or you are just not in love with having your photo taken. But, unfortunately, some of the most photogenic people we know don’t like having their pictures taken.

Here’s a little secret – it’s your wedding, and you are going to have your picture taken. A lot!


bride and groom to be all dressed up for rooftop engagement photos

Engagement photo by Shimecca McCall Photography


Having engagement photos taken is a great way to work with your photographer in a low-key, no rush way to see pictures of yourself from different angles and in professional photos.

It also lets your photographer see how you photograph best, how you and your fiancé interact and develops chemistry with your photographer before your wedding day.


#3 – Your Engagement Photos Are Being Framed

There’s a good chance you’ve got tons of pictures of yourself, from selfies to vacation pictures and random candid photos.

But, there’s also a good chance that you don’t want to blow up most of those images to decorate your new home. And, as much as you’ll love your wedding pictures, you might not want them all over the house.


engaged couple all dressed up for a photo session for engagement photos

Engagement photo by Creative Images Photography


Engagement photos give you both a chance to dress up, do something fun and get professional photos taken. We would be willing to bet you will come up with more than a few you want to frame and hang in your home.

Additionally, beautiful engagement photos make a wonderful gift for parents. They can be framed with a wedding invitation for that one-of-a-kind wedding gift.



So, relax, dress up, have fun and enjoy your engagement photos! You’ll be so glad you did.