We are so excited for the upcoming wedding season! When couples get engaged, their first question is typically, “do we need a wedding planner?” Many will make choosing a planner their first step in the wedding planning process. Other couples will give us a call after they have made some decisions but get stuck while planning. Either way, there are many questions that come up along the way. If any of these big questions jump out at you newly engaged ladies, you may want to give us a call!

Why You Need A Wedding Day Timeline

How do we set a budget?

The big “B” word! Setting an initial budget and then determining how much financial flexibility you will have is the first step. You want to consider what each of you make and how much you are able to save during your engagement. Think of what expenses you can cut and how you are going to fund a savings weekly. The average wedding in North and South Carolina costs around $30,000. This figure is based largely on venue and guest list – how many people you will need food and drink for!

How do we know we’re getting the best prices?

Ah, the age-old question of pricing. The fact of the matter is, not all wedding vendors are created equal. Typically, less costly vendors may have less experience or value for your dollar. Your wedding planner can go over industry standards for vendors in your area and give you recommendations on who is worth the extra cash and what deal may be just too good to be true. Most vendors require a non-refundable deposit to book them for your date, so you want to know you’re investing in the best choice for you.

Common Questions For Your Wedding Planner

What should we look for in the fine print?

When booking a wedding vendor there will always be a contract. Always make sure you have a contract! Also, be mindful of the fine print. Look for any cancellation clauses, information on when payments are due, and any hidden fees to avoid losing a vendor mid-way through planning.

How do we make a timeline?

Leave it to the professionals! The average bride has only attended a handful of weddings. While you may get the general gist of how a timeline should work, there are a lot of details that could conflict and mess up best laid plans. You want a cohesive transition of events with plenty of flexibility. You want to make sure your photographer knows when you’re having your hair and makeup done for pictures. You need the florist to know when the venue opens to deliver the flowers. A wedding planner will design a timeline that gives plenty of time for everything to be set up, time for a couple extra pictures with your wedding party, and time to take a moment and breathe before the reception. The best timeline will have every vendor on the same page and plenty of buffer time in case there are any snags along the way.

Common Questions For Your Wedding Planner

Have more questions? We have answers! Let us know in the comments or give us a call if you have a major wedding planning question we haven’t covered – we could be a great fit for you!