Engagement season may be coming to an end, but the wedding planning has just begun! If you just put a ring on it, it’s time to start considering what the next steps to planning your wedding will be!

Just Got Engaged? Next Steps

Our first tip is to enjoy your engagement! There will be so much time to share on social media and talk about the excitement with friends and family. Make sure you soak in the moment and spend time with your fiancé! As you start telling people about your engagement, there may be a lot of advice coming your way. Take everything with a grain of salt. No two wedding experiences are ever the same!


There are many details that go into a wedding! The first steps you want to take as an engaged couple are to determine some of the bigger pieces that will build a foundation for your entire planning process. The most important things to consider initially are date, budget, and guest list. Be ready to get flexible on all three. Consider the time of year you want to get married but be ready to change your date depending on the venue you choose. Your initial budget is a good starting point but often will change depending on financial aid from others or big purchases you may end up making. Lastly, your guest list will definitely change. As you start writing down names you will end up with a long list and have to narrow it down. Some guests also might not be able to make it, allowing you to invite other people that didn’t make the initial cut.

Just Got Engaged? Next Steps

Hire your planner! The best way to keep everything you are planning organized is to hire a wedding planner to keep you on task. Your wedding planner will provide you resources and access to tools that will keep you exactly where you should be at every step of the way. An initial meeting will allow you to go over what your goals are, what your vision is, and how to stay in line with your budget. Having a wedding planner is the best way to maintain a checklist of what has been done and what will come next. You can also ask your wedding planner for vendor recommendations if you’re unsure where to start!

Most importantly, be candid with your fiancé about what you want out of your big day. Make a list of how each of you envision your big day. What do you definitely hope to have and what details are less important? Being on the same page is the most important way to dive into planning your dream wedding!