Planning a wedding in the Fall months around North Carolina and South Carolina is a magical experience. The landscape of lush greens becomes accented with orange and yellow hues along the treetops. The beauty of the Carolina atmosphere is the warm weather paired with the beauty of an Autumnal scenery. It is the perfect time for an outdoor ceremony to enjoy the sweet Southern breeze.

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Jewel Tones & Rich Gold

Let your décor match nature by invoking rich hues in your wedding theme. Deep red and purple flowers juxtaposed with leafy greens are the perfect fall colors. Match these colors in your linens and bridesmaid dresses for a seamless look throughout. Contrasting deep jewel tones with rich gold accents in jewelry, décor, and centerpieces will create an autumnal theme your guests will love.

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Timeless Details

Autumn is that crisp, timeless time of year that begs for timeless details like lace and organic accents. Using carved wood signage and slices of tree trunk as a cake pedestal will add subtle accents that will tie in the fall landscape. Tall candelabras look stunning among a long centerpiece of greenery and fall foliage in big, bold vases. Offer your guests shawls or blankets in a basket as a fitting favor for the season.

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Traditional Food for The Soul

With a dip in temperature it is time to heat up the kitchen! Take your meal back to its Southern roots with comfort foods and passed appetizers. Pull up a traditional barbeque food truck for a fun way to fuel your guests. Set out the sliders, cornbread, and mac and cheese for a meal your guests will be begging for more of! Complete your perfect fall day with a buttercream cake with cascading jewel tone flowers.


Our Fall wedding inspiration has us waiting patiently for those breezy nights and rich color palettes. We love how the Autumn scenery allows for bold metallics and organic textures that add an extra layer of detail to weddings. Looking to plan your own Fall wedding? Our attention to detail and years of experience in the wedding industry is like no other. Your wedding will be like a picture out of a fairytale!