I know that a lot of couples ask themselves,”should I hire a wedding planner?” Absolutely!! Yes, it will cost money, but the benefits of having one are definitely worth it.

  1. A planner can provide proper guidance to ensure that the event has a cohesive look and feel.
  2. Planners can create timelines to keeps things on track and ensure your special day goes as planned. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be managed.
  3. A wedding planner can bring your vision to life because they know what it is that you want. They can coordinate all of those little details with your selected vendors.
  4. Your planner is your best resource for vendor referrals. They can make sure that the couple’s vendors match their budget, style, and personality. Planners want to create an event that is authentically YOU!!!
  5. A planner will allow you to have a life outside of planning your wedding. They can streamline processes and iron out last minute details.
  6. Wedding planners ensure a peace of mind.

When considering whether to hire a wedding planner, ask yourself,” do we want ourselves and our guests to be well taken care of on our wedding day?” If the answer is YES, then make the call, and get ready to RELAX, ENJOY, and have FUN!!!!!