You’re engaged! Now everyone is probably asking you about your colors and theme! Didn’t choose a wedding theme yet? No problem! Creating a theme for your wedding doesn’t have to take a whole lot of planning. Establishing a theme early on will allow for an easier process when planning and designing your wedding.


Pinpoint Your Common Interests

The wedding you have should reflect your relationship. If you spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, a rustic barn wedding may reflect a more organic quality. If you enjoy fancier dinners as a couple, a ballroom with dinner service may suit a more formal wedding. Your venue and aesthetic will be major starting points for your theme. From there, florals, draping, and centerpieces can transform any space into a wedding right from your Pinterest board!

wedding decor wedding theme

Choose A Couple Colors

And go from there! There are many tools online where you can choose a couple of colors off of a wheel and be shown a complimentary color palette. Think of what you want as a focus and as an accent. Make sure one color is a neutral or metallic (see our Summer 2018 trends for more about metallics!). Juxtaposing colors are always fun when done right! What color do you want your bridesmaids to be in? Your linen color? Any up-lighting colors?


wedding decor wedding theme

Tie It All Together

It doesn’t have to all be done at once, but now you can start to create your wedding theme. If you are more visual, craft a vision board with swatches of your colors, venue, and inspiration photos for centerpieces and floral arrangements. You can give it a fun title like, “nautical ballroom,” or “rustic chic,” or “modern fairytale” to guide what pictures you choose. Go with your gut when you find something that you truly love. You can always make changes to what you ultimately end up purchasing or renting!


Creating a wedding theme should be a reflection of your life together as a couple. Start with your go-to colors, dream venue, and favorite flowers. Then, find visual inspiration for centerpieces and décor. Pieces like up-lighting, fabric draping, and small details will come together as you finalize your overall theme. Hiring a wedding planner that does design, or an event designer can help you put together all your ideas into a more cohesive vision if you’re feeling a little lost!