Let’s face it. Planning a wedding can bring some unwanted stress. With so many decisions to make, couples can anticipate tackling a few disagreements along the way. While planning a wedding, how do you keep the romance alive?

How to Keep Romance Alive During Wedding Planning

Make Time for Date Nights

You’re pinching pennies and using all your free time for wedding planning. Our big tip to keeping romance alive is to maintain regular date nights. Penciling in an evening out on your schedules will allow you to de-stress and get back to basics in your relationship. While you are about to make a huge commitment to each other, you never want to forget what keeps the spark alive. Look for activities together that may have a deal such as a Groupon or even free local events. A night out doesn’t have to put a dent into your wedding fund! Pack a picnic and take a walk through the park. Just spend some quality time together without bringing up the wedding.

Set the Planning Aside

Which leads us to our next tip: set designated times for wedding planning and keep it there! While details may come up every so often, wedding planning should have its own time. When you’re spending time with family, at the dinner table, or enjoying some alone time together, avoid wedding talk.

How to Keep Romance Alive During Wedding Planning

Remember Your Goals

Your goal is to get married to your best friend! With so many decisions, questions, and finances to consider, it’s no myth that planning a wedding can get stressful. Work as a team with your partner and remember your goals and the big picture. Make sure you check out the tips from our previous blog in this engagement season series: Just Got Engaged? Next Steps. Start your process off by each making a list of what you hope to have at your wedding whether it’s a certain vendor, food, song, color, or flower. Make the lists apart and then share them with each other to start off on the same page. You may even learn something about your new fiancé! Planning a wedding is all about balance. By knowing what you each want out of your big day, it’ll be easier to brush off the small stuff when a disagreement comes up.