As a wedding planner, we talk budget first. It can be the most stressful conversation, but it will set you up for success with everything you purchase and book moving forward. Knowing your magic number will open up the floor to what is possible.

wedding budget

Consult Your Saving Pattern

If you have been consistently saving in a separate account for your wedding, this is your first step. Either start one or calculate how much you can spare after your immediate expenses. Projecting how much you will have saved by a certain time will help you plan out deposits and when to make purchases. We always joke, “No Monopoly Money!” Only save what you can. An auto savings account is always a good idea. Have a certain amount taken out of each paycheck and deposited immediately. You’ll have a concrete amount at the end of each month you can count on.

wedding budget

Avoid Gifted Funds

Often, friends and relatives offer money. As wonderful as a gesture as it is, unless it is already in your hands, don’t count it. The excitement of a wedding can have people talking numbers and donations but unfortunately, they don’t always work out. As funds come your way, see where you need wiggle room in your existing budget, but don’t rely on future money in your initial budget conversation.

Be Realistic – But Flexible

A big piece of advice we have is not to rely on future income. Bonuses, property sales, or anything that could potentially fall through should not be part of your budget. It will be a great bonus down the line but be realistic with how much you have and will have by the time you really need to start paying for things. As serious as we can be about budget, it never usually pans out as planned. Be flexible as you find your dream items. Vendors and purchases you simply cannot say no to. A budget can always be altered with some additional scrimping, it’s all about what you’re willing to sacrifice to make your perfect day a reality.


A lot of brides as what their budget should be, or how much a wedding really costs. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. If budget is a concern, being conscious of your guest size and venue are going to be your initial focus. We always see funds stretched and magic happen when there is something a bride really wants. There are so many outlets in the wedding industry to recreate looks and create the wedding vibes you’re dreaming of!