Rain, rain, go away. It always seems to happen on our most special days! With the right wedding planner however, it’s totally okay! Weather is an inevitable factor when planning your big day. We have seen many events get rained out. With the right back up plans in place, rain can truly be the good luck charm everyone says it is!

rain on wedding day wedding planner

If your wedding is mostly outdoors…

Make sure you have a tent back up! Even if you planned a fully outdoor event, our best advice is to always have a tent with closable sides. Pole tents and frame tents offer different looks, but both allow for chic looking walls that can be both opened and closed easily. Even if you end up with nothing but blue skies, it’s always nice to have a roof over your head as you eat your meal. Having a tented reception area gives you flexibility for lighting, flooring, and most importantly, something to run under in case the rain starts pouring down.

rain on wedding day wedding planner

If you have a venue…

Set a Plan B in place from the get go. Your venue should have an alternate covered location where your guests can be moved under in the case of inclement weather. Make sure you discuss in your initial walk through what the options are for ceremony and reception. Set up begins a couple hours before the reception, so there’s always time to move indoors if chance of rain goes from 10% to 100%!

rain on wedding day wedding planner

Embrace It!

Incorporate some rainy-day vibes into your wedding photos! If rain is in the forecast, bring along a couple of clear umbrellas and Hunter rain boots for a photoshoot in the puddles. We have seen some amazing photos captured with a rain shower twinkling like diamonds in the sky. As your planner, we will keep the ponchos on deck and make sure your hair stays covered. We’ll make sure the food stays hot and the flowers stay poised. Embrace the fairytale moment like you’re in a movie where love conquers weather, and all!