With so much wedding inspiration on television, blogs, and apps like Pinterest, it can be tempting to want to drive to the craft store and get creative! We love when brides want to try to recreate something they found online for their wedding. It’s a personal touch to have something that was labored over incorporated into your wedding. There is a fine line between creativity and some DIY nightmares. Projects are not always as simple as planned and the end result may not be achievable. There are some things that should always be left to the wedding professionals!

Reasons Why You Should Not Always DIY


As wedding professionals, we know the intricacy and experience that goes into floral arrangements. As the staple decoration of any wedding, having perfectly crafted florals is very important. The process starts with selecting fresh, in-season flowers that will reflect the color scheme of your big day. Having enough flowers to complete the necessary arrangements is also a factor. When attempting to DIY florals, the sturdiness and quality is not always guaranteed. Selecting mismatched flowers from your garden will not supply the desired look as a crafted floral centerpiece with juxtaposing heights and variety. Leave this one to the professionals. Having a bouquet falling apart as you walk down the aisle is the last thing you want on your wedding day!


With many websites and programs. it is now easier than ever to design and print your own stationary for your wedding. Hiring a professional for this piece of your wedding will ultimately produce more quality and long-lasting results. When DIY printing initiations and escort cards, the quality of paper or attention to detail may be lost. Formatting these pieces may not always fall into place as perfectly as envisioned, and often you may end up spending more than it would cost for a stationary professional. This is especially important if handwritten calligraphy is your desired look. Hiring someone with years of experience in this will provide the most quality results.

Reasons Why You Should Not Always DIY


We totally love a good craft project. Sometimes, creating some DIY décor can be a fun way to relieve some creative juices. More detailed projects should be left to an event designer and their team of artistic professionals. Put down the glitter! The mess and stress left behind from light up mason jars and glitter dipped votive holders can all be avoided by hiring a decorating team that can efficiently pin down your artistic vision.


If you look up food DIY stories, you’ll get a good laugh and see how many food items never come out as planned. Attempting to make your own wedding cake or bake detailed cookies for guest favors usually end up lopsided. Baking and catering teams have a specific process to achieve the perfected result. With years of experience crafting unique foods and desserts for weddings, it’s best to trust professionals.


If you have a great idea for a DIY project, always do a test run. It is beneficial to also do some research on the project and how others may have accomplished a polished result. As your wedding planner, we seek a lot of attention to detail in the overall look of your wedding. Often, the total cost of a DIY project can be equivalent to that of hiring a professional for the job. If you have an idea in mind, always feel free to run it by your wedding planner!