Our Sophisticated Affairs team is surprised when people we thought knew us were very confused about what we do as wedding planners.


Wedding Planning Is Like Building A House

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Think of Sophisticated Affairs as a wedding General Contractor. If you were building a house, you wouldn’t want to go out and hire a roofer, plumber, electrician and have them all work independently.

A wedding planner is ideally there from the very beginning of your planning process. It can help you as a couple focus your energy and keep you from making costly mistakes. Much like building a house, you want people who get your vision, offer what you need within your budget, and play well together!


We’re In Your Corner

As wedding planners, we represent you and your best interests. Our job is to help you have the most fantastic wedding possible – with as little stress as possible.

The process begins with creating an overall vision for your wedding day. We talk to you about how the two of you want the day to look and feel. We help you focus on what’s important to you and budget accordingly.

Beyond that, assisting you with creating a wedding budget and a planning calendar starts the process off on its best footing.

From the beginning of planning through your wedding day, we are there here as your advocate with your best interest in mind!


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The Sophisticated Affairs Promise:

Worry-free planning

An exceptional level of professionalism


Delivery of an event that is authentic to you and who you are

Peace of mind

A meaningful celebration that is sophisticated, elegant, and timeless

A personalized, concierge service guiding you through the planning process

Finding The Best of The Best

Sophisticated Affairs has researched and built connections with some of the top South Carolina wedding professionals. We look at matching up couples with the right professionals for their needs. We base many of the matches on the service provider’s product, prices, and personalities!

We know that each couple has a different style and budget, and having a wide range of resources helps us pair you with the right people for you!


Church Ladies and Venue Coordinators

Too often, we hear that a couple’s church has someone onsite or that the wedding venue has a coordinator – and that they were told they don’t need a wedding planner.

The reality is that each of these people’s focuses is on the church or the wedding venue. They represent those entities and don’t necessarily look at the big picture or the pieces of your wedding day that might come before or after you reach their location.

A professional wedding planner is on top of your whole wedding day. If your start your day behind, the rest of the day runs behind. So, keeping on top of hair and makeup, any prewedding photographs, and transportation are things that might not be on the church representatives’ radar.

Likewise, the wedding venue coordinator typically has the venue as their focus. They might be responsible for catering sales and the services of your day. They might even refer you to some of their favorite wedding pros – not necessarily paring you with people who meet your needs or budget. Unfortunately, they are often not there for your entire event, and you might not be their only event for the day.

We have seen wedding venues that have changed catering managers multiple times during a couple’s planning process. Hopefully, all of your wedding notes have made it into a file, so the new person is up to speed.

Sophisticated Affairs is there through your planning and your wedding day – we are the cord that ties together each event and every wedding professional. We are there to check and double-check all of the services provided and the timing for your entire wedding day.


All Things Wedding


Avista Holland of Sophisticated Affairs - a South Carolina wedding planning expert

Our Sophisticated Affairs team is here to help you navigate all things wedding. Our job requires us to know a little something about what every wedding pro does and how that fits into the big picture. We spend hours each week keeping up on wedding trends, the latest products, and ways to help our couples personalize their big day.

We are here to be your resource for all things wedding and make your wedding planning process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We look forward to chatting with you about your wedding vision and how Sophisticated Affairs can help make that vision a reality.