A wedding is unlike any other event. The attention to detail and coordination of vendors requires a lot of moving parts. It can be overwhelming to work a regular job, balance all different events and services leading up to the day, and not let anything slip through the cracks. It is those very details that often slip through that will be saved by your wedding planner. It is the timing, logistics, deliveries, and design.

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Vendor Coordination

Any wedding planner can tell you that the wedding industry is unique but a little chaotic. So much gets packed into just one day that flies by. Leading up to your big day you have other concerns that shouldn’t include playing phone tag and emailing vendors. You should be focused on your bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, planning for nails and a haircut – the fun stuff! Let us to the work of tracking down your vendors and confirming their timeline. We make sure we know everything that is coming in and out of your venue. From the florals to the photos, we go over in detail with you what you are expecting to see so we can create it while you get ready that morning.


A big piece of wedding coordination falls under timing. Your wedding planner is like your own personal alarm clock that lets you know what to anticipate next. You don’t want to spend your wedding checking the time or being anxious about not being in the correct place. We stand by your side and reassure you throughout the day. We make sure you have food and drinks. We make sure your photographer captures every important moment. We make sure your band knows when to make announcements. You just keep on dancing and mingling.

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Fixing Any Problems

Your crisis management team is here. If something isn’t delivered, you bet we’re going to find out where it is and make sure it arrives. Having such a candid understanding with you as to what you expect as the bride allows us to get firm with making it happen. If we know something is a little off or doesn’t look right, we make sure it gets fixed. We make sure you have your personal time, and no one comes up to you with any stressful problems. This day is about you! Anything else gets deferred to us and we’ll handle it so you enjoy your day to the fullest!