Congratulations! Getting engaged is such an exciting time. What comes after the big question? With your family and friends gathered and celebrating the news, the bigger questions will start pouring in! You already said “Yes!” now time to start deciding on the details!

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Wait to Post on Social Media

Even if you have a big proposal surrounded by friends and family, extending the news to social media should wait. One of the biggest tips from our brides is that they wish they had spent more time enjoying the moment. By sharing on social media, you are taking away the brief time you have to reflect on the special moment you and your partner just shared. Another big tip from our brides in respect to social media is to be careful of who is going to see the post or tweet. In the age of Facebook friends and followers, you could end up with an overloaded guest list as people start asking for an invitation.

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Hire Your Wedding Planner!

Of course, this is huge! A lot of details go into a wedding. It can be easy to miss something when planning so many different things! Often, it can become stressful when researching vendors and reading reviews takes hours after you already have worked a full-time job during the week. Leave it to the pros! We have a network of vendors we have worked with and can personally vouch for. We also know what questions to ask on the first call or email to avoid too much back and forth. From inquiry to contract, your planner is your go to guide for all things wedding. Our brides always feel a huge relief after our first consultation, because they know everything they are envisioning will come to life and stay in budget with our suggestions!

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Get on Budget

Speaking of wedding budget, this is your first task in wedding planning. Deciding on a budget will create the foundation for success. Only you know what you can afford, and knowing before looking into dream florals, décor, and vendors, your planner can steer you towards more budget-friendly options. Guess what? All those Pinterest Weddings you’ve been pinning cost a lot more than you would expect. Often, a table in those photos can cost upwards of $5,000! Now multiply that by how many guests you expect to invite! Lucky for you, there are so many options available to recreate aesthetics and create stunning wedding!

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Write A Letter (or two!)

Always remember what made that moment special. Writing a letter to your fiancé to give to them before the wedding is a great memory to look back on. Bonus points: write yourself a letter about how you are feeling about getting married and keep it to read when you feel really stressed. Always remember the excitement! The rest will fall into place.