Choosing your venue is truly the first step to planning your wedding. Your venue will dictate a lot of decisions moving forward. It will also be a major influence on your overall theme and aesthetic depending on what décor already exists. There also may be restrictions that venues impose such as guest list size, catering options, and rental items. What should you consider when choosing your wedding venue?

wedding venue


Not every venue is created equal. From ballrooms to barns, the guest capacity can have a huge influence on what kind of venue you go with. The best rule of thumb is to make a rough draft of a guest list first. Most venues will ask some basic details during your first walk through. It’s important to have an open conversation and ask a lot of questions to see if it’s the right fit. If you’re looking at an outdoor venue, ask what their experience with tent companies and rentals are since you’ll have to bring everything in.


The aesthetic for your wedding can be heavily influenced by the existing décor of your venue, or lack thereof. Do you dream of chandeliers or are you okay with more modest overhead lighting? Are you hoping for a lot of natural sunlight? What is the size of the dance floor? Do you have to stick with their catering? Can you bring in rental items to customize the space? What are their limitations? We have seen the most rustic spaces become bright and modern with the right draping and florals!

wedding venue


In case you missed the last blog about budget, read here. Budget should always be determined before anything else. Your dream venue can come with a hefty price tag and limit everything else you want. Also keep in mind, you dream venue may cost less on different days like a Thursday or an off-season date. Be flexible with these options if you have your heart set on a certain location.


Remember, your venue is just the foundation for you to build on. You want to choose a location based on how you feel. Did the staff did you personalized attention? Did you get that “Wow” feeling when you walked through? Could you see yourself getting married there? The details will fall into place from there and you can customize any venue with your personal touches. Consult your price tag, check off the boxes, but always follow your gut.